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Is Your Nonprofit, 501c3 Organization Looking for a Unique Fundraiser?

Festival In The Sky and the Open-Sky Music Festivals feature fundraising opportunities for nonprofit, 501c3 organizations to raise money while volunteering at some of the largest airshows and music festivals across the country. Utilizing teams of volunteers put together by nonprofit, 501c3 organizations, ATD and Seivers Concessions ( SERV-SAFE Certified company providing premier food and beverage services for over 30 years) staff the food/beverages stations providing exclusive concession services throughout the featured airshow or music festival weekend. Airshow events include: Melbourne Air & Space Show,FL, Fort Lauderdale Air & Jet Show, FL, Westmoreland County Air Show, PA., New York Air Show, NY and more. Music festival events include: Revolution Rock Festival, Foxwood, CT, Rock Allegiance, Chester, PA, LouderThanLife, Louisville, KY, Aftershock, Sacramento, CA and more.  

Nonprofit organizations who have fundraised with Attention to Detail and Seivers Concessions as a Festival in the Sky or Open-Sky Music Festival volunteer, have made thousands of dollars for their organization in one weekend! 


1. What would my organization be participating in while fundraising at a Festival in the Sky airshow or Open-Sky Music Festival? ATD utilizes nonprofit organizations to operate concessions stands provided by Seivers Concessions during events.  Your group would take “ownership” of a concessions stand. Your organization would be responsible for counting inventory, handling money, preparing food, selling product, cleaning, and providing customer service to guests during events. (ATD & Seivers employees will be placed at each concession location to ensure operation is efficient and fun for your organization volunteers.)

2. Does my group need to be identified as a 501c3 organization?
Yes, it is required that your group provides a 501(c)3 Letter of Determination from the IRS.  ATD may accept other tax exempt statuses such as 501(c)7.  For more information please visit

3. What is the minimum age requirement for a volunteer?
We require all volunteers to be 16 years of age or older. All ‘Group Leads’ are required to be 18 or older.

4. Is there required training?
Every volunteer that participates in our fundraising program is required to attend an in person orientation that includes customer service, food safety, and alcohol safety (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management). These training are held at the of the airshow prior to the start of the event weekend.  The training expires 3 years from the date attended. 

“Group leads” or your core group members are required to attend an operational training. Each organization should have a minimum of 4 volunteers attend the group lead training. This training will include cash handling, inventory, register, and operational training. Each organization is required to have 2 trained leads at each event shift

5. How many volunteers do we need?
The average stand requires 15 volunteers.  We do have multiple stand locations that each require a different number of volunteers.  Stand assignments will be decided on a case by case basis depending upon the size of the organization and the stand locations available.

6. How much money should my organization expect to make?
Each organization earns either a commission percentage of the stand sales or a per person minimum, whichever is higher per event. The amount earned varies based on sales, your stand location size, and the number of volunteers supplied by the organization.

For more information on how your nonprofit, 501c3 organization can raise funds as a volunteer at a Festival In The Sky airshow event, please provide the information below:

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FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT Sam Wagner with Attention to Detail (ATD), at 863-510-9572 or

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